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Happy Birthday Lee Donghae.

leedonghae: It was raining; the person rolled down their car window and screamed my name “Donghai” ! this is my birthday present ㅎ (x)


Happy 29th Birthday Donghae oppa<3 kkkkkk Wish you all the best wishes ^____^„

Kyukyu hold me~ hoooold meeeee~ | cathae and owner kyukyu kkkk

Naughty cathae ^_^

Happy kyuhae day!

"When I first joined SJ as the thirteenth member, I felt very uneasy but hyung would always give me strength, whenever I got depressed he was always there to encourage me, I really love this kind of hyung."


Dh: “He even cuddles while sleeping. Really troublesome.”
Kh: “That is so no one can touch you but me.” 


"Always thaenkyu and we love you!”

How cute!