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Naughty cathae ^_^

Happy kyuhae day!

"When I first joined SJ as the thirteenth member, I felt very uneasy but hyung would always give me strength, whenever I got depressed he was always there to encourage me, I really love this kind of hyung."


Dh: “He even cuddles while sleeping. Really troublesome.”
Kh: “That is so no one can touch you but me.” 


"Always thaenkyu and we love you!”

How cute!

eunhyuk makes donghae get up and then sj get =_= at eunhyuk lol

Hae dancing Midnight Blues

xian-hai whispered: This is a tumblr hug. Pass this to at least 10 of your favorite tumblr blogs to show how much you love them as best buddies. Make sure you don’t break the chain. Happy tumblr hugs ~!

HUG ^________^

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Kyu BB, ELFs are still here. :)